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Indias Taste is a well-known restaurant that started serving delicious Indian food on March 27, 2003. It was founded in Brampton, Ontario.

It quickly became a favorite spot for people who love the diverse and flavorful tastes of India. The restaurant has grown and now has locations in Markham since 2008 and Mississauga since 2018.

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An Unforgettable Visit from the Canadian Prime Minister

In 2021, Indias Taste had the distinct honour of hosting none other than the Prime Minister of Canada himself, Justin Trudeau. His visit highlighted the restaurant's remarkable culinary prowess and showcased its significance as a cultural ambassador for Indian cuisine in Canada.
This historic visit further solidified Indias Taste's reputation as a culinary excellence and cultural fusion symbol.

Corporate Collaborations:

Indias Taste is not just popular with individuals but has also gained the trust and respect of big multinational companies. Throughout the years, it has worked together with respected organizations like RBC Bank, BMO Bank, and Amazon. These collaborations show the restaurant's dedication to providing great food and service, making it the top choice for corporate events and gatherings.

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